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The Most Affordable And Cheapest Gyms In Vancouver 2023

Vancouver, is an incredible city that offers stunning natural beauty, top-rated hiking trails, a vibrant culinary scene, and exciting sporting events (Go Canucks!). However, it’s no secret that living in Vancouver can be quite expensive, especially for students and young professionals who may already be on a tight budget due to the high cost of rent, gas, and groceries. Adding the expense of a gym membership to the mix can seem stressful, but there are options for those looking for affordable fitness options in the city. To help out, I’ve compiled a list of the cheapest gyms in Vancouver that offer great value for your money.

cheap gyms in vancouver, british columbia

Most of the Vancouver gyms I will mention below are very modern, and come with all of the necessary fitness equipment to get in great shape (free weights, cardio machines, and more) and some even offer personal training services if you are looking for that extra push. The price for these gym memberships range from about $20 to $70 per month. Let’s look at the best and cheapest gyms in Vancouver, where you can enjoy a killer workout without putting your bank account through the same. 

A infographic with the top 5 cheapest gyms in the Vancouver, BC area.

Birdcoop Fitness Centre UBC (University of British Columbia)

Location: 6000 Student Union Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

Cost: $7.50

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Birdcoop fitness center is also a part of UBC, located at 6000 Student Union Blvd. The gym is free for students and costs just $7.5 for the rest of the community. Being a part of this gym allows you to meet and interact with many new people and learn about them. The weekly schedules of classes and training sessions are posted on their website for convenience.

Fit4less Vancouver (West Pender Street)

Location: 100-1201 West Pender St West, Vancouver, BC V6E 2V2

Cost $7.99 to 11.99 (bi-weekly)

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Located at 100-1201 West Pender St West. This gym offers a lot at just a $7.99 bi-weekly rate. It is open 24 hours and allows access to all its branches with a membership card. You can get access to massage beds and chairs, drinks, and showers with your membership. All these factors are quite convincing to motivate you to start your day with the gym.

Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness (Burrard Landing)

Location: 50-1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3

Cost: $9.98 to $14.98 (bi-weekly)

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This club is located at 1055 Canada Place in downtown Vancouver. It is a safe place for beginners + and has a women’s only section (She’s Fit) for those looking to workout in a more private setting. There are 16 other locations across the Lower Mainland and each gym has a wide variety of machines + cardiovascular equipment.

You can get a 3-day free pass to check out all the options available, including the retail services and massage lounges. It is located next to the ocean and has a wide parking spot. If you’re new in the area and looking for a place to socialize and stay fit, this club has great opportunities. 

Robert Lee YMCA

Location: 955 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y2

Cost: $27.99 (bi-weekly)

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The YMCA is one of the largest fitness gym chains in Canada. It has the great trainers and offers the best service to all its customers. The place is safe for families to enjoy and stay healthy. Yoga classes, basketball courts, swimming classes, squash, and many other programs are available. The family program offers amazing discounts on family membership packages and also gives a personal trainer along your fitness journey. You can drop in any time and enjoy the amazing ambiance and quality services at affordable rates

Spartacus Gym  

Location: 1522 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5L 3Y2

Cost: $55 to $150 (per month)

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Located at 1522 Commercial Drive. This gym is easily accessible from most offices. It costs only $55 a month and offers countless benefits along with a personal trainer.

There is MMA training, an infra-red sauna room, yoga classes, fitness groups, and many more motivating workout classes; that are super fun and convenient. The cheapest price starts at $55 per month and that is for their Bronze Membership. The best part about this gym is that it allows you to interact with different people with similar interests during classes or group training sessions and will help you make friends if you’re new to the area. 

Olympus Fitness Centre

Location: 1615 E 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5N 1A8

Cost: $49.99 (per month) OR $37.13 (per-month if you pay for the entire year)

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The Olympus fitness center is the best gym in the area. It has three floors dedicated to specific workouts, including cardio, weight lifting, and boxing training on the top floor. It is a private gym offering rehabilitation and personal training sessions at very affordable rates. 

There are various membership packages to choose from according to your need and preference. The trainers will provide a workout plan that fits your body type and improves your strength. You can also avail of the drop-in packaging for just $10.50 or go for an annual package and personal training. 

Gold’s Gym  University Village Marketplace

Location: 2155 Allison Rd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1T5

Cost: $21.99 to 29.99 (bi-weekly)

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Located on the rich side of Vancouver is probably the cheapest gym in the area. It is located on the UBC campus hence quite accessible for students. The monthly membership plans are bi-weekly and range from $21.99 – $29.99.

The gym is located on campus and has easy access to a marketplace. It is equipped with the best and top-quality cardio equipment. Trainers are available all day to teach and guide you. You can set your goals and get a meal plan as well. 

Snap Fitness 

Location: 6745 Hastings St Burnaby British Columbia V5B 1S6

Charges: $59.95 (per-month)

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This gym is the perfect fit if you’re looking for a safe place to learn boxing and self-defense classes. It is located at 1738 W 3rd Ave. There is one on one training available for boxing and other sports. 24 hours access to the gym makes it even better. 

All this is available at a very reasonable price. There is a winter discount going on right now, allowing you to register for just $65: even without the discount, the rates are quite minimal compared to the service provided at the gym. 

Richmond Sport And Fitness 

Location:  150 – 2251 No 5 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2S8

Cost: $35.99 (per-month)

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The Richmond sports and fitness club is the best place in this area. If it is suitable for all ages, including kids who can enjoy numerous sports activities. It is located at 150-2251 No.5 Road. The basic membership costs $20 a month, allowing access to basketball courts, a sauna, and of course, the gym. 

Dunbar Fitness Centre

Location: 4747 Dunbar St, Vancouver, BC V6S 2H2

Cost: $53.83 (per month)

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This gym is at a Dunbar Community Center which is located in Memorial West Park. This is one of the many different community centers in the Vancouver area, and most of the gyms are pretty decent. There are lots of free weights, machines, and cardio equipment. The best thing is you can enjoy a sauna or hot tub after your workout.

Sport Central Athletic Club

Location: 2611 Viscount Way Richmond, BC, V6V-2G8 

Cost: $30.00 (per-month) on a 1-year contract OR $27.50 (per-month) if you pay in full for 12 months.

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Sports Central is open to the community and members 24 hours. It is located at 2611 Viscount Way. Apart from gym and fitness training, the club offers a basketball court and a squash court as well. The bi-annual membership is $30 and includes numerous amenities for its members. 

Anytime Fitness

Location: 1433 Cedar Cottage Mews, Vancouver, BC V5N 5Z2

Charges: $35.00 (bi-weekly)

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As the name suggests, anytime fitness is open 24 hours for its customer to avail of great opportunities any time. The best part of owning a membership card for anytime fitness is using the same card on all branches. Training of one-on-one to group sessions is held daily at this gym. You can even sign up for a free pass from their website for seven days. 

Anytime Fitness Gym Denman

Location: 200 – 1015 Denman St Vancouver BC V6G 2M4

Charges: $35.00 Due Bi-weekly

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At Anytime Fitness Vancouver, the support is real and it starts the moment we meet. Our coaches don’t have one plan that fits everyone, they develop a plan that fits you – a total fitness experience designed around your abilities, your body, and your goals. Your plan will contain a 360 approach to your health and will cover important areas other gyms simply can’t.

Dynasty Gym

Location: 1449 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1W8. 

Charges: $99

Dynasty Gym is known to have Canada’s largest weightlifting community. Apart from regular training, the gym offers cross fit and weightlifting, and kinetic movement classes by trained professionals. The gym has shower areas with free access to amenities, including hair dryers and lockers. 

There is a space for outdoor back racks and easy parking. The gym has the latest weightlifting accessories to provide the best training. There are three packages available for membership, each with added benefits. The charges are a little higher compared to other gyms, but the quality of service is worth every penny.

Planet Fitness  North Vancouver

Location: 1025 Marine Dr, North Vancouver, BC, V7P 1S6

Cost: $15.00 (per month) + there is also an annual fee and startup fee which are $49.99 each.

➡️ Directions To Planet Fitness North Vancouver

Planet Fitness (North Vancouver) is a spacious and judgment-free area for people to start their fitness journey under proper guidance. It is a great place to make friends and stay fit at the same time. The gym also offers you to bring a guest, the use of massage chairs and more.

Cheapest Gyms In Vancouver: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


It is fair to say that Vancouver has some of the best fitness clubs in the area. They are fully equipped with the latest facilities and cost very little; hence, they are easily affordable. Staying fit is important for your physical and mental health. So, leave your bed and start your healthy lifestyle right away!