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Vacation Workouts: How To Stay In Shape While Away

To be in shape and stay fit all the time requires a great extent of determination and consistency in one routine. Especially when it comes to workouts: consistency is the key. It might seem unrealistic to find a gym while you’re on vacation, trying to spoil yourself: so a better way to enjoy yourself in a healthy manner is by adding vacation workouts to your routine. 

Following a routine is always a good idea. Just like your skincare and nighttime routine, a vacation workout should also be a part of your day on vacation. Fitness freaks often find it tough to keep up with their workout goals while traveling. To help you all with this issue, I have summed up a short and easy workout routine that anyone can follow if they can’t make it to the gym. 

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Should You Workout On Vacation?

Vacations are meant to be fun and different from your daily routine, but do we ever forget to add skincare products to our holiday backpacks? Imagine the breakouts you will have to face. Similarly, not having an active workout routine for weeks can lead to body damage and might affect your long-term fitness goals. This thought can be a nightmare for most fitness freaks. 

It is optional to add hours of workout routines to your vacation. Some light stretching and a little cardio will make you feel fresh and energetic for the upcoming adventures. However, ignoring your travel buddies or family doesn’t sound like a good idea. So, here is a precise routine for all our fitness fanatics

How Can I Exercise While On Vacation?  

Vacations allow people to set themselves free from their daily work routines. With a fresh mind and a work-free schedule, you can enjoy having more time for your workout routine. However, finding a gym and spending hours accomplishing your goals while on vacation is unnecessary. There are a lot more options to finish your steps and fitness goals. 

For instance, if you’re spending the week up north: between the lush green mountains, you can go on a hiking adventure and explore the area. Hiking is a good cardio exercise while on vacation. If there aren’t good hiking spots at your destination, go for a swim. Swimming is a great vacation workout and the best way to stay fit while enjoying your vacation. 

As on vacation, we naturally spend a lot of time walking around. Hence, there is no need to do heavy-duty routines. In fact, always go for a natural way of burning calories over wasting your holiday time at the gym. These may include swimming, hiking, playing ball on the beach, etc. If you manage to take out some extra time for yourself, there are some workouts you can easily do on your vacation. 

Travel Workouts  

Let’s look at some places where you can exercise without gym equipment. You will be surprised to see the options are endless. 

Hotels Or Resorts With Exercise Rooms

Every trip you take will include a stay at a hotel or a resort. Luxurious hotels are one of the best parts of going on a trip. If you’re a fitness fanatic, here’s what you should do. Before booking your hotel room or resort, go through all the options available and check for places with an exercise room, a vast garden space, or some other place to exercise. 

Most 4-star and 5-star hotels have a gym in their building, which are easily accessible. There are no extra charges for these rooms, and you might end up making new friends with similar interests. Basic equipment like treadmills and dumbbells are available at the gyms, or some might even have yoga classes which can be a fun activity for your vacation.

Hotel Room Exercises


If your hotel or resort doesn’t have a gym or an exercise room, don’t worry, as the options are endless. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Hence, buckle up to do some hotel room exercises. These exercises aren’t very time-consuming and can be done with your family as well. Let’s start. 

Simple Exercises

While on vacation, we tend to consume extra calories while trying to enjoy the food and culture. Hence, some simple and easy exercises, which are doable in your hotel room, are necessary for you to do if you want to stay fit. These exercises don’t need much space or any special equipment. 

Jump Rope 

Planning your vacation workout starts just when you start packing. Jump rope is a fun activity you can enjoy with friends and family. The best part about playing with a jump rope is that it helps burn a lot of calories. It won’t take up much space in your luggage and is also lightweight. Hence, while packing for a holiday: fit in a jump rope and do a few sets of it in your hotel room or at the beach. 

Resistance Bands

If you’re a fitness fanatic, you must be aware of the benefits of owning a resistance band. These are long elastic bands that help in exercising almost all your body parts. These exercises help in improving your strength and flexibility. With a resistance band, you do the following activities from the comfort of your hotel room.

  • Squats
  • Lateral Raise
  • Chest Press
  • Leg press 
  • Bicep Curls
  • Seated Calf Press
  • Tricep Press

Three sets of 20 each exercise can help you stretch and burn calories from all body parts. All you need is a chair, and you’re good to go. You can go for two sessions of 30 minutes per day or according to your fitness goals. These exercises are super easy and comfortable. 

Push-up Bars

Push-up bars are tiny handles-like equipment that can easily fit inside your luggage or even your hand carry. They do not have much weight but are undoubtedly the most effective way of working out. Here are some exercises you can do with the help of pushup bars. 

If you are on a weight training goal and do not want to skip your routine exercise while on vacation, here are some of the best ways to keep Regular Push Ups

  • Wide Push Ups ( To Broaden Your Chest) up.
  • Tight Push Ups (To increase arm strength) 
  • Reverse Grip Push Ups 
  • One Armed Push Ups
  • L-Sits
  • Handstand
  • Pike Push Up
  • Dips

All the exercises mentioned above will help you build body strength and core. They are super effective and essential if you want to accomplish your body goals, even when you’re on vacation. 

Bodyweight Exercises

Vacation excitement is a real thing, and if you forgot to pack any of the equipment mentioned above while planning for your perfect trip, here are some other bodyweight exercises you can do in your hotel room. They will help you lose and maintain a healthy level of body fat and are super easy to do 

  • Body Weight Squat 
  • Push Ups
  • Burpees 
  • Pull Ups
  • Step Ups
  • Tricep Dips
  • Bear Crawls
  • Supermans
  • Crunches 

These are the easiest and the least time-consuming exercises. They can be done on the beach or in your hotel room without equipment. All you need is consistency and motivation. 

Mountain Climbers 

This exercise is perfect for building core strength and agility. It can easily be done on the terrace of your room and will help you burn body fat. Go into a plank position and drop your weight on your hands and toes. Then pull your knees up to your chest one by one. The position is like climbing a mountain and helps fulfill your daily cardio requirements. 


This exercise is a mix of strength and cardio. While activating almost every body muscle, it will burn massive amounts of calories. While standing with your shoulders and feet wide apart, go down to a squatting position with your hands in front of your feet. After 2 seconds in the plank position, jump back up and push forward to redo it. 

Ab Curls 

Ab Curls are done for upper and lower abs along with arm strength. It requires laying down straight with your arms on the side, keeping your arms in the air, and crunching your knees. Maintain the position for a while to lock in the strength. 

Jumping Jacks 

Remember making snow angels when you were young? Jumping jacks are just the grown-up version of snow angels but in the air. Stretch your legs and arms as wide as you can and hop on your feet. 2 sets of 50 each a day can be a good hotel exercise while on vacation. 


While on vacation, don’t forget that you are there to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones. It is just a matter of 1 or 2 weeks which you should spend enjoying. Missing your regular workout routine during this time is not a big deal. Walk around, explore the area and enjoy your trip along with natural ways of cardio. You can return to your normal routine after the trip, and no exercise is worth missing the fun of your vacation. 

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