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Get Back into Kick-Ass Shape

If you have decided to begin the long and daunting task of getting back into shape, you are one step closer to getting your dream body. Many struggle with coming to terms with the discomfort their own body presents them, so deciding to hit the gym is an uphill task.

The next step in your fitness journey would be to enlist the services of a personal trainer. A personal trainer in Vancouver goes a long way in helping you achieve your fitness goals. Humans levitate towards support systems, and a fitness coach offers support, guidance, and many more.

Fitness report is a revolutionary gym with professional personal trainers that will guide you through your fitness journey to achieve whatever type of body you want. At Fitness Report, we guarantee that you are getting value for your money by providing assistance and communication for as long as you are our client.

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Benefits Of A

Personal Trainer

Along your fitness journey, there are many benefits to be enjoyed from hiring a personal trainer. What they bring to the table is a track record of tried and tested fitness plans that can be customized for your personal use. They also provide a means to evaluate the overall success of your exercise routine and advise accordingly.

To Learn The Intricacies Of Your Body

It takes a lot to acquire the title of a personal trainer; for obvious reasons, most of the qualifications are centered on the human body. Having a dedicated personal trainer, therefore, opens doors to adequately understanding your body’s working.

To legally become a personal trainer, you must be familiar with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, commonly abbreviated as CSEP, and have an in-depth understanding of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In addition, they must be familiar with equipment such as an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Personal trainers also need to pass several certification exams, depending on their level of expertise, their target clients, and the geographical location from which they intend to operate.

This training aims to provide clients with quality and informed training services to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. 

Throughout your interactions with the trainer, this wealth of knowledge will rub off on you. Every day is a learning day; it doesn’t hurt to know more about yourself.

Personal trainers will help you achieve your fitness milestones, provide insight on how you can lead a healthier life, and utilize simple activities to maximize your calorie burn. When observing an individual doing squats from your phone, you may not understand their body mechanics, including head positioning, muscle tone, and many other factors.

A personal trainer will shed light on how best you can do each routine in your fitness plan.

Having Someone To Answer To

If you are a beginner, you will quickly discover that sticking to the plan is the biggest stumbling block to your fitness journey. It is human nature to grow tired, and without significant motivation, you might find yourself regressing to the state you started in or settling for a halfway milestone.

A personal trainer provides a level of accountability. When you take on the services of a trainer, you expect them to come up with a schedule for you to follow, dietary advice, and offer emotional support, among other roles.

Most people do not realize that this is two-way traffic, in which case, they feel obligated to follow their coach’s advice. Regularly meeting your trainer in predetermined intervals sparks the desire to stick by your agreement and achieve results.

For most people, their trainer becomes the last line of defense from succumbing to the pressure to lay back and relax, especially since exercise time must be made from the little time we have assigned for leisure.

To Set Realistic Goals

You might have woken up and decided to lose twenty pounds. That is commendable and brings you one step closer to attaining your fitness goals. Still, any personal trainer will tell you that losing twenty pounds is a complex undertaking, even with the best equipment and motivation.

Setting unattainable goals can be demoralizing once you fail to achieve them. A personal trainer is equipped with the right skills to assess your body type and suggest “bite-sized” milestones that will eventually lead you to your desired fitness level.

Having an attainable goal also serves as a motivating factor, encouraging you to burn those calories and push yourself further during your training exercises. It also offers a reason to celebrate when you achieve your goal, which is a positive reinforcer.

Flexible Training Packages And Schedules

A personal trainer can fit into your busy routine. With virtual personal training, you are guaranteed the flexibility you deserve. You can get most, if not all, of the benefits you would acquire from visiting the gym and booking a session with your trainer without the logistical complications.

Online personal training is quickly gaining popularity as the preferred training tool in the current fast-paced environment that many people are subjected to. With online training, therefore, you attain all of the benefits of a personal trainer in Vancouver from the comfort of your home or preferred training space.

Advice On Trending Practices

When starting your training routine, you might be unsure what equipment and training routines you should incorporate into your fitness plan. Consequently, you might settle on the first workout activity that fits your way.

You might also identify with a piece of specific equipment in the gym and proceed to focus on that equipment alone. This form of exercise might be counterproductive as it leads to an imbalance in your body.

A personal trainer provides a more wholesome approach and compiles the best and latest fitness technology to enable you to achieve ultimate fitness with the least effort.

Psychological Support

Overall, there are many benefits of a personal trainer. You are more likely to get to your goal of mental and physical fitness when you have someone in your current position guiding you through the length of your journey, which is what a personal trainer brings to the table.

There are many differences between a sheet of paper with instructions on how to get fit and an actual human being nudging you to keep on struggling. Still, the most apparent is the psychological and emotional support.

The fitness journey has countless pitfalls, and having someone who understands and cares for you is an extraordinary advantage. Personal trainers receive training that allows them to provide counseling to clients when they encounter stumbling blocks along the way, making them an indispensable asset.

To Watch What You Eat

As a beginner, the chances of you understanding the dietary requirements for a fit lifestyle are minimal. You might be tempted to google a diet plan, and thousands are available online with very enticing models with well-sculpted bodies advertising them.

However, these diet plans may not work for you as your body’s wants and needs were not considered at the time of their drafting. Knowledge on the different macro and micronutrients is not only hard to come by, it is also increasingly difficult to understand. 

For an individual to benefit from their own diet plan, or from one they might have come across online, would be sheer luck, or they would have to carry out extensive research and complete numerous tests. 

 A personal trainer will factor in your preferences and body type to develop the best dietary plan suited for your individual needs.

What To Expect From

Fitness Report

We are the leaders in fitness, providing our services to the community of Vancouver and beyond. We have an excellent team comprising licensed professionals with a personal approach to wellness and fitness in our clients.

If you are looking for a sophisticated and budget-friendly gym to kick off your fitness journey, Fitness Report is the place to be. Tailor-made for every individual and budget type, we are an all-inclusive gym aiming to provide the best services to all our clients.

With experience spanning over twelve years, fitness report is your go-to gym.


Finally, some more information in the form of answers to common questions.

Will I lose weight with a personal trainer?

You will lose weight with your trainer if losing weight is your goal. That is also possible if you want to gain some muscle mass. Setting clear goals with your trainer will enable you to achieve them quickly.

Enlisting the services of a personal trainer enables you to take the next crucial step towards living a healthy and limitless life, and free you from several medical conditions.

Is seeing a personal trainer worth it?

Seeing a personal trainer is definitely worth it. It’s worth it because they will devise a personalized training program that is realistic, they will keep you accountable and motivate you, and they will save you money in the long run. Money that you would be spending treating preventable illnesses.

How much does a personal trainer cost in Vancouver?

A personal trainer in Vancouver will cost you between $55 and $150. This will depend on experience, qualifications, where they provide the sessions, etc.