Gymtimidation - I fell out of place at the gym

Gymtimidation: I Feel Out Of Place At The Gym

There are two types of people. Those that love to workout at the gym, with all their workout gear, tank-tops, headphones with loud music, and those that feel like gyms are not for them. Even the thought of going to the gym and working out in a shared place intimidates them (gymtimidation). They feel anxious, nervous, and out of place. If you feel like this too, then this article is for you!

Feeling intimidated by gyms is not stupid or unusual. Many people around the world enjoy working out in their own space or at home rather than at the gym. This nervousness and panicking could be due to many reasons, which are discussed below in this article. It’s definitely okay to feel gym anxiety, but it is always better to try different methods to overcome it, and for that, I am here to help you! In no time at all, you will be able to enjoy the loud, exciting atmosphere of gyms.

What Is Gymtimidation?

Gymtimidation refers to the feeling of nervousness, fear, and anxiety that one feels while going to the gym. It is completely okay to feel this, and you are not the only one having this overwhelming feeling. For most people, gym intimidation is so real that they cannot even sign up for a membership or have the courage to even visit the gym after paying the membership fee.

Why Am I Intimidated By The Gym?


First of all, I need to remind you that you are not the only one going through this, so do not feel bad about yourself. There are different reasons why people feel intimidated by the gym, and one of them is body image issues. This has become a problem due to gym advertisements and social media pictures showing people with chiseled abs and toned bodies. Many people feel too insecure about working out in such an environment and think that the gym is not for their bodies. Most people also feel nervous when they see so many machines and people performing such complex exercises. You do not have to worry about this; there are professionals at the gym who are always there to help and guide you. Newcomers are always welcomed with open arms, and everything including gym equipment is shown and explained to you.

Many people also avoid going to the gym because they feel like “many eyes” are watching them. This is a very valid reason. Nobody likes to be watched while they are sweating and in vulnerable positions. However, this is a misconception. In the gym, everyone is deep in their own workout and does not want to waste the time they have, ogling at others. Now, we know that there are creeps and jerks everywhere, and for this, most gyms have anonymous help services and supervisors, to whom you can make a complaint.

How Do I Get Rid Of Gym Anxiety?

I know that it is not easy to get rid of this anxiety and fear. However, I am are sure that you can overcome it! 💯Be proud that you are at least willing to get out of your comfortable bed at 6 am to overcome this fear and take care of your body, while others are missing out on it. Below are some ways that will help you overcome this fear. I assure you that once you start feeling confident about yourself and your body, you will stop feeling intimidated and will start enjoying your trips to the gym.

Gym Anxiety

Accept + Acknowledge Your Fears

The first step towards overcoming your gym anxiety is to accept it. List down all the factors that make you anxious and fearful. These may be regarding body image issues, feeling shy exercising in front of others, changing or showering in locker rooms, or feeling like you will not be able to get any results. Once you know what makes you nervous, you will be able to work and focus on it directly. All of this will help in overcoming all your fears much quicker!

Fitness Goals

Your second step should be deciding your fitness goals (weight loss, weight gain, build muscle, etc). List what you want to achieve, how you want to do it, and how much time, effort and resources you are willing to invest in this mission. Get in the whole vibe by purchasing comfortable workout clothes, planning a workout routine, and even getting a friend to be your workout buddy. This will prevent you from feeling alone at the gym.

Plan Absolutely Everything

Set your priorities straight. Plan everything beforehand. Create a workout routine, and set targets. This will allow you to identify every little effort you will be making in your fitness journey, and this will help boost your confidence and enable you to overcome your fears.

Do Not Feel Intimidated By Others

Your only limit is your mind

Please do not feel intimidated when you see all those people with their fit and toned bodies. You may notice them workout without breaking a sweat, but you must realize that the girl with those abs has been working out for months on a strict plan. The guy running perfectly on the treadmill once ran out of breath after going on it for one minute. The point is that there is no need to feel anxious by looking at other people in the gym. Everyone has achieved their goals after hard work and by investing time. You, too, need to set up your goals and work on them until you achieve desired fitness and a healthy body.

How To Go To The Gym Alone

Even for outgoing people, it can be hard to go to places like gym alone. When you have so many unknown people around, you might feel lonely, awkward, or left out. Follow some of the tips below to overcome this fear.

Go During Off Peak Hours

This is an excellent option to go to the gym during off-peak hours. There will be fewer people around, and machinery will be free to try. You will not feel shy and will not have to make small talk with anyone. If there is a gym staff member around, they will be more likely be able to show you how some of the machines work.

Take A Free Introductory Class

Sometimes taking an intro class or a trial before officially joining the gym can be very useful. Usually, in an introduction class, you are taught how to use all the machines safely and given a gym tour. If you have questions regarding anything, you can learn more about it right there and then. Plus, no one else will listen or judge you, and there will be no need to feel anxious. Once comfortable with the environment, have a good chat with the gym staff. Ask about all the machines, weights, and training areas. Gym staff always try to make newbies feel much more comfortable and confident. This helps make gym visits less scary.

Do Your Research

Learn about what you are doing. Always go home and read about every little exercise that you do. Note down your mistakes so that the next time you do it, it will be in a much more confident and professional manner. Read about the exercises your body needs, such as tummy workouts, thigh workouts, leg workouts, etc. This way, you will be able to work out entirely on your own. You will not need anyone’s help and will be confident working out alone.

Conclusion: Putting It All Together

A man running in the morning

Gymtimidation is a problem for a lot of people. But I assure you that with the right attitude, confidence, and courage, you will be able to overcome all your fears. Set your goals, plan your workouts, learn about exercises and machines, make a gym playlist, and find a workout buddy. Very soon, you will be able to go to the gym confidently and happily! Good Luck!